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게임빌, 제노니아 온라인 for Kakao 티저 영상00:16

게임빌, 제노니아 온라인 for Kakao 티저 영상

First trailer for zenonia 6:online

Zenonia S: Rifts of time(Korean: Zenonia Online) is an upcoming game and the sixth installment in the series.


In the past two groups of beings: Celestials and Dragonbloods have been fighting for generations, attempting to conquer one another's land. However, a time rift appears bringing heroes and a fairy from the past and future to the two sides' world. However, through falling through time the hero loses his/her memory. From learning of the existence of Osiris Shards, shards of infinite power that may restore the hero's memory, the hero sets on a quest to aid the Celestials, bring an end to the Dragonbloods and retrieve the Osiris Shards to retain his/her memories.



Regret returns with an appearance similar to his first game counterpart. He now wears silver armor covering both his arms and uses a Great Sword for his weapon of choice. (Strength)


Ecne also return with a complete redesign. While she's shown to have long straight hair, she has curls and a strand sticking up in her in game sprite. She uses Dual Pistols. (Dexterity)


Daza is a short, muscular and well built man with white hair. He is well known for being the descendant of the Minotaur tribe, a half human and animal tribe. He is also a martial artist that mainly uses his knuckles for fighting. (Stamina)


Neal is the true hero from Zenonia 5. His outfit remains the same, the only exception is he now has earrings. Neal was the son of Lu, and protected his sister during the Asterian invasion in the previous installment. He remains as the same magic class, but instead of using his orbs he wields a gauntlet similar to Morpice. (Intelligence) 

Bishu (Assassin) Edit

A new character nearly identical to a familiar. While her past is unknown, her weapon-of-choice is a chain-scythe that damages a wide range of enemies and uses status effects to weaken them.21 (Dexterity)

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