Zenonia 4: Return Of The Legend is the fourth installment in the Zenonia series of games.

Summary Edit

Zenonia 4 marks the return of the hero Regret from Zenonia.

The story begins in the quaint town of Eraes. A townswoman sends him off on an errand outside of town, and when he returns he finds his father fighting a Regret from the future. The future Regret tells him about his failure to destory the evil lord, Shaturu and that Anya has turned back time for one more chance. He gives his younger counterpart his memories and remaining power, before the young Regret is warped away to an unknown land.

Thus, the story of Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend begins...


Similar to previous Zenonia games, you can choose from four classes to begin your game. Unlike Zenonia 2, they have no bearing on the storyline.

  • Bladers are agile classes with the lowest health compared to other classes but its attack, evasion, critical, and accuracy are high. They wield dual blades.
  • Rangers are similar to Bladers in terms of stats, but have a futuristic gun (rifle) that allows for ranged attack.
  • Druids are mages with a large amount of SP. They use totems to summon cyclones and have the ability to transform into animals.
  • Slayers have the higher attacks compared to the others.


  • Unlike the other Zenonia series, this has clearer options, the characters are clear. Thus, being one of the best sequel of the series so far.