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Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories takes place several years after the events of Zenonia.

Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories (제노 니아 2: 잃어버린 추억) is the second instalment of the Zenonia series, and sequel to the first game Zenonia.

Choose from four characters, Daza, Lu, Morpice, and Ecne, each with their own story, class, and unique skills.


The prologue of Zenonia 2 begins with the story of Regret defeating and sealing Ladon. To prevent his resurrection and return to the human world, four heroes, including Regret, were chosen to prevent him from returning to Zenonia through the power of the four gems, and were praised by the people of Leo. Due to the damage of Leo, it was rebuilt as Deva Castle. However, people became full of greed and the world fell into darkness once again. To purify this world, leaves from the Tree of Life fell to the ground, and people began to lose all their memories.

Meanwhile, Ladon continues to grow in power, and comes close to breaking the seal. He states that he needs a certain thing to complete his return. Afterwards, a flashback appears showing the player hero's past and their sole purpose of becoming a hero. The backstory differs depending on the hero chosen, but all end up arrested by the Royal Guards and are sent to prison.

Afterwards, Lu wakes up, and is greeted by Ecne and Morpice, who plan on escaping their prison cell. As they break out, the three notice a man in the other cell. Lu decides to open the gate, and the man is revealed to be Daza, the last member of the Minotaur tribe. The four run out of the prison, but guards soon surround them. Amos, captain of the Royal Guard, decides to send them to prison for life, but the archmage Zavkiel arrives. He notices the four heroes, and decides to send them on a quest to retrieve the four holy gems, tears of the goddess that fell into Zenonia, and that have the power to grant someone their wish, bring someone back to life, or even return the lost memories to everyone. The four accept his request. Lu wishes to bring back his grandfather, who was arrested during Lu's childhood, Ecne wants to revive her brother, Morpice wants to become stronger, and Daza wants to be accepted by everyone in spite of his hideous appearence.

The hero meets up with Karin, does some errands, and then packs up and was ordered by Amos to head to Iris, town of Fairies. The player learns of the existence of fairies, and that one of them, Lepe, is being attacked by monsters. After rescuing Lepe, it's been confirmed that she was poisoned by a monster, and that the hero must find herbs to heal her. After healing Lepe with the herbs, the player, along with Lepe, must go to the Frosty Dungeon to find the first gem.

At the frosty dungeon, the player and Lepe notice that the monsters were fighting each other. As they travel further, they find that the rest of the heroes have already been frozen by Lex, the guardian boss of the Frosty Dungeon. In order to keep the other three safe, Lepe temporarily sends them to a pocket dimension. The hero slays Lex, and retrieves the first gem. Lepe then retrieves the other three, and Zelos, Morpice's master, appears and heals the frozen heroes.

The player then went to visit the heroes at the inn and decided to take a rest. Later, Monica wakes up the player and inform the player that the gem got stolen. To find the culprit, the player went around the town of Iris asking for informations and capture the culprit back to Monica and other heroes. However, the culprit ingested a poison capsule during interrogation and died. The player is then choosen to kept the gem safe. Right after that, Karin shows up and told them the monsters are trying to invade town of Iris.The heroes were set to defend the town at three different part while the player will take the south part.

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