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Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories takes place several years after the events of Zenonia.
Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories is the second installment of the Zenonia series, and sequal to the first game Zenonia.

Choose from 4 characters, Daza, Lu, Morpice, and Ecne, each with their own story, class, and unique skills.


Before starting the game, a prologue is shown and tells the player about the events from Zenonia. The prologue tells the story of Regret defeating Ladon, and sealing him away from Zenonia.

To prevent his resurrection, four heroes, including Regret, were chosen to prevent him from returning to Zenonia, and were praised by the people of Leo. Due to the damage of Leo, Leo was rebuilt as Deva. However, people became full of greed and the world fell into darkness once again. To pruify this world, leaves from the Tree of Life fell to the ground, and people bagan to lose all their memories.

Meanwhile, Ladon grew in power, and had enough power to escape from the seal, but needed something before leaving. Afterwards, a flashback appears showing the hero you chose as a kid, and their sole purpose of becoming a hero. Next, a scene appears showing the hero being taken into prison for committing a crime. 

Afterwards, Lu wakes up, and is greeted by Ecne and Morpice, who plan on escaping tonight. As they breakout, the three notice a man in the other cell. Lu decides to open the gate, and the man is revealed to be Daza, the last member of the Minotaur tribe. The four ran out of prison, but it wasn't until the gaurds found them and brought them back. The next day, Amos, captain of the Royal Gaurd, decides to send them to prison for life, but is then greeted by the Archmage, Zavkiel, who is one of the heroes that was chosen in Zenonia. He notices the four heroes, and decides to send them on a quest to recieve the four holy gems, tears of the goddess that fell into Zenonia, and have the power to grant someone their wish, bring someone back to life, or even return the lost memories to everyone. The four accept his request. Lu wishes to bring back his grandfather, who was arrested during Lu's childhood, Ecne wants to revive his brother, Morpice wants to become stronger, and Daza wants to be accepted by everyone due to his hideous appearence.

The hero meets up with Karin, does some errands, and then packs up and was ordered by Amos to head to Iris, town of Fairies. The player learns that fairies do exist, and that one of them, Lepe, is being attacked by monsters. After rescuing Lepe, it's been confirmed that she was poisoned by a monster, and that the hero must find herbs to heal her. After healing the herbs, the player along with Lepe must go to the Frosty Dungeon to find the first gem.

At the frosty dungeon, monsters were fighting against themselves, and as they go further, they find the rest of the heroes frozen by Lex, the boss of the Frosty Dungeon. The hero slays Lex, and retrieves the gem. Then, Zelos, Morpice's master, appears and heals the frozen heroes. Afterw

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