This is my 'To-Do' list for improving the wiki. Sure, it probably still won't win any awards, but at least it'll be comprehensible instead of just stupid.


  • Finish Zenonia 1, 2, and 3 and write up a detailed story line.
    • Start with Zenonia 1, Storyline for 'Evil' path and then 'Good' path.
  • Fill in character pages.
  • Fix up wiki front page For now it'll have to do
  • Quest list (Will do Zenonia 1 first)
  • Add correct categories and mark unneeded pages for future deletion or merging.

Apply for admin, and if approved then:

* Delete any monster pages (Marked them for deletion) and instead create lists for each game with stats, where they appear, etc... (Or if there are a lot of monsters, just leave them as seperate pages and put them in something like 'Category:Monsters'. Get pictures.)

* Delete the scattered item pages (marked) and instead create lists for each game. What each item does, what its description is. value when sold to a shop and price when bought from a shop (if applicible)(quest items not sure as there are so many...) (perhaps even just put a 2nd level heading for each game and just call the page 'Items'.. it would make things easier for people to find and reduce clutter. Might end up with a couple duplicates on things like stamina potion (s) etc but they differ a bit from game to game anyway.)

* Delete any unneeded or spam pages. (ongoing)

* Figure out how to do templates to put on articles that need improvement or stubs instead of just putting them into a 'needs work' category. (really unprofessional, but at least I can keep track of things.)

* Figure out the damn top bar with all the menus and stuff, ('cause it looks seriously stupid right now and doesn't help you find anything.)

Less important (aka boring stuff that'll take ages so I'll put it off as long as I can):

  • List combine scrolls and their recipes for Zenonia 2 and where they drop (check gamefaqs for a list otherwise I will have a nice long journey ahead of me)
  • Get screenshots for various things. (With bluestacks app player)
  • pages for towns, or a list that details what is in there, what monsters, if there is treasure. (Starting with Zenonia 1
  • Fix up the last few abilities pages (bah, tedious)
  • KEEP THE FRONT PAGE UPDATED with more recent news. (I guess I'm learning Korean? Or at least contacting someone at Gamevil to ask for news)
  • Zenonia. 4. Return. Of. The. Legends.
  • Combine item gal, network gal, dark merchant, and the various shops into one page called 'Vendors'. Item prices.
  • Misc stuff that I'll see and think 'Oh! I should probably do that while I'm thinking of it'

End to-do list. Cassandra.Cole 13:42, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

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