A Slime

The Slime is a level 1 monster. It is the first monster the player will encounter and it is the weakest monster in the game. It has low to medium health and have a weak to mild attack and gives no status effects. It attacks with its beak like structure. The Slime commonly drops Fruit Of The Land.


It can be found in East Ayles. The Slimes are concentrated towards the west of the area. To the east are mainly Spin Bugs

Request AppearancesEdit

  • Slime Soup - Benny will ask Regret to kill 5 Slimes for taking clovers from Benny.
  • Time To Deliver - The Item Gal in Ayles will ask you to hunt 5 Slimes to get back the Carrot Cakes the Slimes stole from her.

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