Temir is the presiding leader (Pontifex) of the tribe, succeeding Shaman Lewiel, having his residence at the Great Temple of Paramanon.

In Zenonia 3Edit

Temir is a powerful figure of the Divine Tribe that yearns to return back to the Heavenly Realm along with the others, no matter how much it will cost (even by sacrificing Celine and having a trade with Tariq in disguise). He is also the cause of discrimination of the Divine and the Degenerated which all was well before as written in some tombstones, and by Gwyjar who told that the other tribemates were dying from Monsters or of any else.

He is a level 56 (in Normal mode, level 85 in hard mode) boss utilizing magics like Performing Orb and illusionary attacks. In the intro he is shown being capable of using Starfall.

After defeating him

In both modes (although is subtle in Normal) ,Temir will till that they,along with Isel, were the real parents of Chael by sacrificing the necklace which as said, was given by the Archangel.