He He He!

I am the Seed of Chaos inside of you!

You and I... we are the same.

- Osiris (Introducing)


Osiris is the final boss and main antagonist in Zenonia 1.

After defeating Ladon (Not the ghost), Regret gets teleported to Whirl of Despair and gets confronted by Osiris. Osiris explained everything that Regret is the one who killed his father, Dupre (renamed himself to Pardon).(Now actually, Sun founded Dupre's diary and explained everything) And goes on explaining him, that his soul and Regret's soul are the same, and giving him a request to become one again. But Regret refused and fights Osiris.


To be continued...


Destroy Osiris both hand in order to bring his head down and attack!

But Osiris hands will regenerated and will go back to full health.


Osiris head on top is very similar to Zenonia 3 final boss, Antione. (The head)

-edited by Creanetor

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