A Slime. An example of a monster in Zenonia

There are various monsters in Zenonia 1. Some are great for training while others should be avoided unless necessary. Most monsters have only 3 variants. For example, the Slime, Grape Slime and Cherry Slime look similar except for the body colour and level. However, there may be some exceptions. Monsters are very important to help the player to level up by killing them. Monsters can also drop collectable items upon death like armor, weapons or food. This can help the player to save some gold although monsters dropping weapons or armor is a rare occasion.

Monsters in MissionsEdit

Some NPC (Non Playable Chracters) will request the player to kill monsters as part of their request. If the request is to obtain something from killing a monster (e.g. killing Slimes to get Carrot Cake for the Item Gal in Ayles), the item required will be dropped upon the monster's death. The process repeats with another similar monster until the required number of items required by the request is achieved. Killing any more similar monsters will no longer yield the special item. If the request is to kill or capture the monsters, no special item will be dropped upon death although weapons, armor and general items will continue to be dropped.

There is a small glitch while killing monsters to obtain the special items for NPC requests. If the player kills many monsters at the same time (via the use of screen clearing moves), the game may drop more items than the requested amount. These special items cannot be used or sold, but the items may be disposed off. Such incidents are quite rare.

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