Active AbilitiesEdit

  • Double Attack: Required Level 1. SP:90 "Shield and attack enemy with a sword." Additional Damage (60%) Continuous Damage (25%) Bleeding (Chance:50%) Duration (160F)
  • Cure Light: Required Level 1. SP:120,200 "Recover life momentarily through a holy prayer." HP Restore (20%,25%) Cooldown (8 seconds)
  • Cry of Crusader: Required Level 20. SP: 120,220 "Damage by screaming and frightening enemy" Additional Damage (50%,80%) Paralysis (Chance: 20%, 25%) Duration (160F). A short range AOE attack. Cooldown (7 seconds)

Passive AbilitiesEdit

  • Sacred Armor: Required Level 20. Defense/Strength. "Increase Defense through strengthened power." Adding points to Strength increase defense with this skill
  • Awakening: Required Level 30. Critical/Strength. "Increase critical attack." Adding points to Strength increases Critical with this skill.

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