Lepe Wallpaper

A fairy who accompanies the main protagonist in Zenonia 2. She is rescued by which hero of [your] choice after Langue and Parole interrupt a conversation you are having with the other guys and Monica. After you help her get better, she will accompany you for the rest of the game.

Levels up and enhances skills. There are 3 abilities she can learn.

  • Brilliance: Stuns and Damages all enemies on screen, has chance to miss. 200% Damage first level, +20% increase each level.
  • Blessing of Fairy(1): Increases Gold earned, 5% increase each level. 50% Max.
  • Blessing of Fairy(2): Increases Experience earned, 3% increase each level. 30% Max

Syncing: Killing enemies will increase Lepe's sync gauge. When 100% is reached it will allow Lepe to do an attack that damages and paralyzes all enemies on the screen, some enemies are immune to this attack.

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