Ladon is the primary Antagonist of the Zenonia games. He appears in every game, and forms the number of each game. Regret holds some of his power, but has stopped him a number of times.

Zenonia Edit

Ladon is mostly mentioned throughout the story, and is said that he was sealed away by Argos. To fully awaken him, one must destroy all five seals, and use the power from one summoning scroll.

Regret first encountered Ladon's spirit when he was revived by Roland. Despite the two having the same goal, Ladon kills Roland, and battled Regret. Although Regret defeated him, Ladon was still concious, and revealed that Regret was the seed of chaos before he turned whole and disappeared.

Ladon is finally encountered as the semi-final boss, and was defeated by Regret. After that, Ladon was sealed away from the human world.

Zenonia 2 Edit

Ladon returns as the main antagonist once again. He orders his servant, Zavkiel to find the gems that he would use to conquer the world in exchange of giving his servant immortality. 

When Zavkiel unleashes Ladon, Ladon betrays him, leaving him to die, and runs to his castle. There, one of the heroes fights him and was impaled on his chest.

Zenonia 3 Edit

Tariq mentions several times during cutscenes that a human has the "flesh of Ladon".

Zenonia 4 Edit

In Zenonia 4, the Dark Lord Shaturu is searching for the Mark of Ladon, which will allow him to be revived.