Elisa was the 3rd predinct general Commander of the Royal Guard at Deva Castle. She is first seen when Regret sees 3 thugs harassing her.

Regret often helps her and her fellow Deva castle guard members. In the end of the game, it is revealed that Elisa was the baby that Regret helped to save for Jessica early in the game. Before Regret arrived at the forest spot to rescue the baby, Shaturu came and placed his dark spirit inside of her.

Normal ModeEdit

After Regret defeats Shaturu in the Dark Castle, Elisa arrives, ready to assist Regret in the fight. Shaturu takes control of her (using the dark energy he installed inside of her as a baby), and deals a finishing blow to Regret's body (causing the fairy Anya to use her powers to take Regret back to the beginning, to prevent this from happening). Regret never saves her from this fate.

After this, Regret conflicts with the monster imposing as Dupre, as the younger Regret comes into the picture. Hard mode begins now.                                                                                                                                                                             

Hard Mode/True EndingEdit

Just like in Normal Mode, Elisa arrives, ready to assist Regret in the fight. Shaturu takes control of Elisa (using the dark energy he implaced in her) but instead of her landing a finishing blow on Regret, Chael comes and stops her before she does (Regret rescue him from the cave instead of leaving him) then Regret tells Chael to take Elisa to Coelraum for treatment. It is assumed that the dark energy is removed from Elisa and all is well.

After all those things, Hell Mode will begin.

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