Zenonia 5-Wheel-of-Destiny

Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the 5th installment of the Zenonia series with revamped graphics. It has many new mechanics and is the sequel to Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend.


The story begins when the young hero, whether it be Abel the Beserker, Evan the Mechanic, Neal the Wizard, or Ryan the Paladin, starts off following the events of Regret triumphant defeat over the Dark Lord Shaturu. Lu was proclaimed king, and piece had almost returned. One sole survivor of the Devil Tribe, however, survived and lived in solitude. It seemed that mankind's trials that they had faced were finally over. However, they soon came to suffer through their own greed and selfishness, especially the noble class. Later, the revived Devil Tribe came to attack the humans in revenge for their selfishness. Although it was the human's problem, the Devil Tribe took it upon themselves to punish them. The tribe, led by the mysterious Aster, slaughters a noble alo

ng with the king, later encountered by the fairy, Celina. The hero, who witnesses this tragedy, is unable to move or speak. Soon awakening, he realizes that it was merely a dream. However, the true dangers have yet to come...


Berserker: Melee class wielding a large sword. 

GAMEVIL ZENONIA 5 Official Trailer00:58

GAMEVIL ZENONIA 5 Official Trailer

  Mechanic: Ranged class wielding dual pistols and a cannon.

Wizard: Ranged class utilizing magic to battle.

Paladin: Melee class wielding a sword and a shield.


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